What is Beatz Fitness?
Beatz® Fitness is a simple, fun, all-inclusive Group Exercise for all fitness levels and abilities.
What is Glow Beatz?
GLOW Beatz is an exercise class that uses Glow Sticks, Club Lighting and Banging Tunes in a darkened environment and it contains the same high-quality choreography as all Beatz formats.
What will I get from a Glow Beatz class?
  • A community class for all fitness levels, abilities and backgrounds. No judgement allowed.
  • Banging music from a variety of genres from dance, house, rock, garage, pop, etc. No genre is off limits.
  • Simple and easy to follow routines with varying intensity to suit all fitness levels.
  • A darkened environment with disco and UV lights.
  • A pair of glow sticks to wave as you workout.
  • A community based class full of people just like you who want to move, get fit and have fun.
  • An instructor who cares & who will encourage and support you, welcome you with a smile and always give you a fun class.
Please note there is a minimum age of 13 for this class due to insurance purposes.
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